I’m running the fabulous Jekyll framework. If you’ve not already taken a look at Jekyll, you should really check it out! This whole site is running on GitHub Pages (for free, that’s free as in free beer!) and is completely open source and available to be forked and contributed to on GitHub here.

In the past, I’ve used and also supported the likes of Wordpress and Joomla CMS systems for blogs and small ecommerce sites, but when I started using GitHub a few years back, I found that they provide an awesome feature called GitHub Pages and through that: Jekyll.

Admittedly, Jekyll is noway near the feature packed, sometimes bloated CMS system that Wordpress is, but it’s just as extensible as it’s ultimately running Ruby code and outputting HTML to static files which can be hosted by pretty much any webserver you choose.

If you notice any issues with my blog, please do raise a new issue on the issue tracker page here. Better still, it would be great if you could fork the repo, then submit a pull request (PR) here. Thanks!