I use Twitter a fair bit, so I like to fire a quick tweet out to my many (not) followers when I’ve published a new post :bird:. This task was a bit of a pain, so I thought I’d throw together a quick Rake task to do this for me.

  • To get this to work, you’ll need to install the twitter gem manually or, by adding it to your Gemfile.
  • You’ll also need to create config file that will store the API keys for the twitter gem to use to authenticate with the Twitter API. Use the following template, enter your API keys and save it as twitter-api-credentials.yaml right next to your Rakefile:
  • You can get your API keys by creating yourself an app at the Twitter dev site.
  • Add the following task to your Rakefile:
require 'twitter'

desc 'Tweet about a new post'
task :tweet_link_to_post , [:title, :url] do |task,args|

  # Connect to the Twitter API
  client = Twitter::REST::Client.new do |config|
    YAML.load_file('twitter-api-credentials.yaml').each do |config_item,value|
      config.send "#{config_item}=", value

  # Check that we've been provided with a title and URL
  fail 'Missing title or URL' if args[:title].nil? or args[:url].nil?

  # Confirm the message with the user to make sure they're happy with it
  puts 'This is the message that will be tweeted:'
  puts message = "I just published a blog post: “#{args['title']}” Check it out here: #{args['url']}"
  puts 'Happy with it? Enter yes or no:'
  response = STDIN.gets.chomp

  if %w{y yes}.include? response.downcase
    # User is happy, so let's tweet it!
    client.update message
    puts 'Ok, tweeted that to your followers!'
  elsif %w{n no}.include? response.downcase
    # User has changed their mind, so don't tweet
    puts 'Not tweeting, as requested.'
    # Invalid response, so
    fail 'You must answer yes or no'

  • When you’re ready, run the task with:
rake tweet_link_to_post[$TITLE_OF_POST,$URL_OF_POST]

… but obviously change the $TITLE_OF_POST and $URL_OF_POST parameters to those of the post that you’ve just published :smile:.